Selections & Pricing

Hello there, merch collector! You've come to the right place to fill your treasure chests.

The breakdown below is our current tentative release timeline for our month-long releases. To get information on our limited releases (only sold for 3-weeks, then during cons & giveaways afterward), please add your name to the mailing list here.

[Note: All releases will feature one or two member artists, while Kickstarters will feature more than four. Have a favorite artist? Stay tuned and check out our member roster.]


Please note that limited releases are found on the Alchemy Art mailing list. :D


Pins vary in price based on the metal we use, the size, hard or soft enamel, any specialty design elements and more. No pin is exactly the same in process, but there are things to expect:

There is almost always a discount for buying more than one of a set together (usually 10%).

PLEASE NOTE: Prices of old pins increase for every month they are "public". In preorders, they are discounted 10% off of list price, the first month after they are at the list price, and they increase up to $15 for all pins.