[LIMITED] Echoes of Thunder Anthology

$37.00 - $70.00
  • [LIMITED] Echoes of Thunder Anthology
  • [LIMITED] Echoes of Thunder Anthology
  • [LIMITED] Echoes of Thunder Anthology
  • [LIMITED] Echoes of Thunder Anthology

The Echoes of Thunder anthology book is a 200-page illustrated hardcover artbook, featuring over 100 art pieces with additional sketches, descriptions and artist depictions.

The book circles around the core emotions, depicting how the characters grow and change in the first two season. It brought together artists from around the world, including original artists on the show and fan artists, to celebrate characters we've come to love.

The base book bundle includes the book and the foiled character cards, designed by Hanna and Doro. The other contributors within the book can be found on the campaign page here. We are only releasing 100 books at this time due to reserves, convention copies and making sure we can ship these out in a timely manner. Please check the breakdown below for the available packages.

  • Package 1 ($42): One Book (Standard Grade), 2 Foiled Cards
  • Package 2: ($55) One Book (Standard Grade), 2 Foiled Cards, Sketchbook (Phoe-Phoe)
  • Package 3 ($55): One Book (Standard Grade), 2 Foiled Cards, Sketchbook (Thunder)
  • Package 4 ($60): One Book (Standard Grade), 2 Foiled Cards, 2 Sticker Sheets, Random Sketchbook
  • Package 5 - All Paper ($70): One Book (Standard Grade), 2 Foiled Cards, Sticker Sheets Bundle (Vinyl), Postcard Bundle, Random Sketchbook
  • Package 6 ($37): Secondary Book (Minor Imperfections), 2 Foiled Cards

Shipping costs for ALL items above are identical regardless of package type (due to the packaging constraints). If you wish to add charms, pins, sticker sheets or postcard bundles individually, please add the individual items. If you'd like to add a gift box, please contact us via email for pricing.

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These orders are processed in order of receipt. Currently the ETA is about 2 weeks due to ongoing packing and events (PAX East)! (Please contact Mel via email if you need anything!)


  • Package 1 (Book Bundle)
    97 in stock
  • Package 2 (+Phoe-Phoe Sketchbook)
    23 in stock
  • Package 3 (+Thunder Sketchbook)
    22 in stock
  • Package 4 (+Sticker Sheets, Random Sketchbook)
    25 in stock
  • Package 5 (+All Paper Items)
    20 in stock
  • Package 6 (Secondary)
    10 in stock