[GW2] D6 & D12 Race/Profession Dice [US]

$5.00 - $10.00
  • [GW2] D6 & D12 Race/Profession Dice [US]

From the Wintersday Zine 2018 portfolio, we're liquidating the remainder of our dice. PLEASE NOTE: This is the US listing, but there are fewer in this location (but the delivery time and fulfillment is shorter).


We ship both domestically and internationally. Domestic orders ship first class (with tracking) within 3 business days, while international orders will ship on the next shipment (check here, under Shipping for more details).


  • D6 Race - A Grade
    43 in stock
  • D6 Race - B Grade
    17 in stock
  • D12 Profession - B - Grade
    0 in stock
  • D12 Profession - C Grade
    44 in stock