Upgraded Shipping [US/Worldwide]

  • Upgraded Shipping [US/Worldwide]

For all small domestic packages, we typically send them automatically with first class postage. This rarely has a problem, but we understand if you'd like to upgrade the package. This puts it in priority mail which has faster shipping times (2-3 days), insured for the value of the package and has tracking to door (but first class has this as well).

For international shipments, our default for pins is to go via the standard parcel rates (taking 2 weeks to a month typically, depending on the receiving location). While this does include shipping tracked to our border and entry into the destination country, this CAN end once it's handed to the local post. If you'd like it upgraded to include better tracking, insurance and faster speed times, add this listing to your order.

If you already have any of the following, we've adjusted the pricing to already include upgraded shipping. (Or, if it was a qualification, we automatically adjust these when generating the labels.)
> Echoes of Thunder books internationally - These go insured.
> Pin packages (6 pins or $75 in value) - These are upgraded to priority packaging on our dime.


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