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About: Journeys is an officially sponsored Guild Wars 2 Fanzine, produced by the GW2 Artist Collective. The book has been created by 79 talented individuals, featuring illustrations, short stories, and comics.

The purpose of the project is to lead the reader back through their Journey in Guild Wars 2 - starting with the base game, exploring Heart of Thorns, then grabbing a mount and riding into Path of Fire. The contributors aimed to capture the moments that made the game so unique to them - whether heartwarming, terrifying, frustrating or humorous.

(These are the last books in stock and are a limited run.)

Bundle Includes:

  • Journeys, the 2018 Wintersday Fanzine
  • Vinyl Sticker
  • Sticker Sheet
  • 1 Postcard (random)

Zine Details:

  • 7"x10" (reminiscent of the GW1 artbook & Chimes)
  • Features work from 79 contributors
  • Perfect Bound binding
  • 228 pages total, full color
  • 100+ custom artwork items
  • Spot UV on cover (unlocked stretch goal)!

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