[Limited] I Pledge House Targaryen, GoT Enamel Pins [Preorder]

$11.00 USD

Image of [Limited] I Pledge House Targaryen, GoT Enamel Pins [Preorder]

"Burn them all!" — Aerys II Targaryen

These pins are to celebrate the beginning of the end of one of our favorite series. Voted on by the participants of our mailing list, you can pledge with the Starks, Tyrells, or the fierce Targaryen, or root for the members of the Night's Watch.

Each hard enamel pin is 1.75" tall in zinc metal. This pin color changes with the dragon at the bottom, which will turn back to a white-gray when in normal heat. This pin is in a black nickel/antique silver plating.

Items are estimated to arrive in the first weeks of June (if items arrive sooner, we'll ship asap). These are currently at preorder pricing, and increase to $12.50 once items arrive. We ship both domestically and internationally.