[Preorder] Magic May N.O. Cat

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"..." - The "Not Okay" (N.O.) Cat

Magic May pins are officially here, and will be available through June 9th! These little fellows are a mix of metallic and normal hard enamels, zinc metal with silver and gold metal plating. These measure 1.7" in their longest dimension.

These pins have an added small lantern that dangles from the broom.

> There are four pins that come with this set. Getting three of the four will add a special postcard commissioned from Chilkat.
>> Wolf Seer
>> Twisted Potion
>> Book Fantasies
>> N.O. Cat

> These will be here in-hand around the end of June or beginning of July. Please note that the pins are currently sketches and are liable to have small changes to adjust for Pantone colors and vector lines, but they will be as close as possible.