Victory Road: FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the project! Below is our FAQ, broken into sections. Applying to work with us should be relatively straightforward, but if you want further information, read the info below! (Please note that this info is very similar to the FAQ information for Echoes of Thunder. That's because we own both projects and the process is very similar!)

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to send us an ask, DM us on Twitter, or email us at We’re always happy to answer any and all questions, and we’ll add any questions that we feel are relevant into the list.

Note: Please be advised that this addresses (mostly) the application and the post-application process, along with some production. If you have any questions regarding the funding campaign/store, please let us know directly!


Q: Who is part of the moderating/organizing group?

A: The Alchemy Art Group is owned and operated by Melanie Sayre and Sara Squires; one of our previous moderators, Thunderpot (Jess) of our bigger projects is also returning to help out with the effort! In addition, we keep editors and writers on hand to keep any text sections fluid and cohesive.

Q: Do you have proof that you’ve completed other projects before?

A: We definitely do. We raised over $60,000 in the last two year with our projects, including Tyrian Gazette, Tyrian Tarot, Journeys and Chimes. We also do individual projects such as Echoes of Thunder, Essence of Red (and other campaigns), where contributors are paid (like this one).

Q: Do you have other social media accounts?

A: We do! You can check out Alchemy Art’s store page, our Tumblr page, Twitter and Facebook. (We also have an instagram, but under our alias for the Collective.)


Q: When will this be on sale?
A: We’re currently estimating around mid-July 2020. It will be up for sale on Bigcartel or on Indiegogo, depending on our arrangements and what we deem is best for the project. :)

Q: How much will it cost?

A: The book is hardcover but the price is yet to be determined.

Q: Do you ship globally?

A: Absolutely! We ship to about 180 countries with TSA-certified services (USPS domestically and DHL internationally). If you have any questions, please let us know directly.

Q: What are the specifications of the book?

A: We design at a single sizing: A 6"x9" book! This is to emulate the idea that it's filled with written out notes.

Q: How long is the creation schedule?

A: The process is about 3-4 months long. Once concept checks have happened, we have check-ins every 25%, which review specifications, printer adjustments and general feedback.

Q: When will books be delivered?

A: We will be setting this date once preorders go live and we have an estimate as to how long printing and shipping will take.


Q: How will you ensure that it doesn’t become to centered around one character?
A: Outside of the central character which "directs" the narrative flow of the book (aka Midoriya), the rest of the characters will have one "main" spread, and are allowed to appear in others up to a certain number of times in minor capacities. This will be information provided to applicants!

Q: Do you permit “ships”?

A: We stay true to canon in as many aspects as possible. In effect, while we’ll allow some artistic freedom, we will keep the book ship free unless it happens in the series.

Q: How do you ensure quality in the book?

A: We have professional artists that work with the book from the beginning to the end to keep it cohesive. We work together to make something beautiful!


Q: What are you looking for in applications? What type of art are you looking for?

A: The listed items below aren’t the only things we’re looking for, but to give you an idea, some things we’re considering are:

  • A consistency with art pieces (quality/level of apparent effort with finished pieces)
  • Finished pieces that demonstrate moderate background work that’s elegant
  • Originality/uniqueness to work (while still keeping to a style)
  • Q: How many people are you looking for?
    A: We are looking for about 75 artists total (in between invites, our current roster and applicants).

    Q: Do you need a portfolio or will a Tumblr/Twitter link work?

    A: Unfortunately, we’d love to spend a lot of time going through all of your work (all of you are incredible), but we want to be fair and dedicate enough time to each applicant to give a fair assessment. That said, there are three spots in the application for you to show us pieces that you’ve done in the style you’re wanting to do. If we’re interested and need to deliberate/check something, we may go into your portfolio/Twitter/Tumblr, so make sure those links are an accurate representation of your skill.

    Q: Will you look at my art and tell me if it’s ‘worthy’? What if I don’t think it’s good enough?

    A: We’re happy to do reviews after the application process is done, but we won’t be doing commentaries during the process (to be fair to all applicants and interested parties).

    In regards to applying, you’re fantastic for even considering applying, and if you want in, please try! We can’t consider you at all if we don’t see your interest. Our aim is to be as fair as possible with applicants.

    The mods promise that none of the selection process is personal, and we hope you’ll understand that as we choose applicants. If you were inspired by the project, or have an idea that’s not on our list, feel free to create it for the community!

    Q: Is there anything you’d like to see in the comments section of the application?

    A: Tell us anything! We read it all. If there’s anything that you need us to know about your art, or your schedule, that’s also where to do it. (For example: if you’ll be away in the second deadline, or want to complete your piece earlier, we’re happy to accommodate you.) It’s no problem - if we see something that we need to contact you about, we’ll do so!

    Q: Are schedule deadlines final? What if I want to work ahead/will be away for one of them? What if I can’t make part of the schedule, but still can make the final dates?

    A: We can be flexible with them, and working ahead is always fine. If you’re away for a deadline/check-in, best thing to do is to drop us a note to let us know. The key: Correspond with the mods and keep us updated.

    Q: I applied, but I need to change/remove my application.

    A: If there’s a change in plans, please correspond to the moderators as soon as possible.

  • If it’s before we close applications, we’ll remove your application.
  • If it’s in the deliberation time period, also no big deal. Just let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll make the adjustments.
  • If it is after application results are sent, contact us at your earliest convenience and we’ll contact the necessary people to make adjustments. We understand that it happens.
  • If it’s after you sign the contract, please follow the instructions there.
    Q: When can I apply?
    A: Applications open on March 10th and end March 29th.

    Q: Should I make my piece before I apply?

    A: Please don’t! We have certain specifications with the dimensions such as bleed, trim and safe space, as well as the topics allocated. You are, however, free to bring ideas to the table, and we’re very happy to listen to them.

    Q: How will I be notified if I get chosen to participate?

    A: We will contact you via email regardless. We really appreciate your interest!